Ibiza, Munich & a miscommunication

Other than a few miscommunications, I have been enjoying every minute of the long evenings and good weather. Summer is in full flow and here's what I've been up to: Ibiza I had finished packing, cleaned my room, showered and put my PJs on, went to set my alarm, and oh… there was no more... Continue Reading →

Me, Myself & an Aeroplane

I have done a fair amount of solo journeys, especially since moving abroad; within Germany, around Europe and also heading out to Asia. This much travelling means that I pack my suitcase on autopilot and that I have perfected the ‘must haves’ list for my journeys: - Downloaded series on Netflix? “Check.” - Head phones?... Continue Reading →

Returning from Asia

20 days, 8 flights and 3 countries later, I am back in Frankfurt and it's just the same as when I would return to London after a long holiday or time travelling abroad. "Fernweh" (literally translated as 'far sickness' in contrast to 'heimweh' which means 'homesickness') follows you no matter where you've settled in the... Continue Reading →

A Day in Hue

Day 10 Hue We enjoyed the motorbikes so much that we took up the offer from Mr T and his team to take us to the temples and sights of Hue. We were only there for one day and this was the quickest and cheapest way to get around – a no brainer after yesterday's tour!... Continue Reading →

Hoi An -> Hue; 9 hours north by bike

Day 9 Central Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Day Tours Rather than doing our usual over night bus journey, we took an amazing one day motorbike trip from Hoi An to Hue. I will do my best to describe the experience, but I don't think words will do it justice. Matt, who has travelled pretty much everywhere,... Continue Reading →

Hoi An; The best by far

Day 7 Nhi Trung Hotel This was a great hotel with comfy beds. Accommodation was approx. £8 per night, including a delightful breakfast! I think this is the best breakfast we had in terms of quality and portions and I loved the milkshakes too. Kimmy’s Custom Tailor If you've heard the rumours, then I'm telling you... Continue Reading →

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