Why three weeks at home is the sweet spot

I’ve tried it all: short trips, long trips, try-to-do-nothing trips, do-absolutely-everything trips, 48-hour trips, squeeze-it-in-with-a-business-trip trips. Whew! Visiting home comes in all shapes and sizes, and I can confirm that waking up to a “your flight is ready for check-in” email when you've barely got home from the airport is the-absolute-worst trip. So how do... Continue Reading →

Working in a foreign language

I find working in a foreign language to be a chicken and egg situation: If your professional German (for example) isn't sufficient, then you won’t get a job where you need to use German, but if you don’t have a job where you need to use German then you won’t be able to improve your... Continue Reading →

5 things to do along the River Main

If there's one thing you can't miss in Frankfurt, it's the rippling water that skips along the body of the River Main, hence the name Frankfurt am Main. It's the longest river that is located entirely in Germany and is a great place for locals and tourists to enjoy their spare time. If you fancy... Continue Reading →

Goetheturm in Frankfurt’s City Forest

Standing tall and mighty, Goetheturm (Goethe Tower) can't be missed when you enter the City Forest from Frankfurt's southern district, Sachsenhausen. Originally built in 1867, in celebration of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the tower has been rebuilt twice. Those who have been in Frankfurt for a while may remember the tower's most recent reconstruction in... Continue Reading →

Barcelona: A long weekend away

I spent 3.5 days in sunny Barcelona! What better way to share my recommendations than by creating a blog post!? Scroll down for all my faves! Good location to stay? My hotel was a stone’s throw away from Plaça de Catalunya, which was great. It’s bang in the city centre, a 30-minute walk to both... Continue Reading →

Cycling from Frankfurt to Mainz

I am thoroughly enjoying cycling in and around Frankfurt! After adjusting to the initial discomfort of the saddle and finally having some good weather, I cycled all the way to Mainz. Here are a few tips for if you're thinking of doing the same! How long will it take? According to Google maps, the quickest... Continue Reading →

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