Working in a foreign language

I find working in a foreign language to be a chicken and egg situation: If your professional German (for example) isn't sufficient, then you won’t get a job where you need to use German, but if you don’t have a job where you need to use German then you won’t be able to improve your... Continue Reading →

German ‘boot words’

Quick tips, rather than long-winded lessons, that can be used on the go. "I like ice-cream because it sweet is.""I am tired if I early get up." Ok, reading that sentence didn't feel natural, right? That's because the verb has been booted to the end of the sentence, just like it is in German. However,... Continue Reading →

FAQs about Alisa Jordan

It's only natural that you want to know more about the person behind the blog posts - I'm exactly the same! After years of sharing my experience of living in Frankfurt and being in touch with so many of you, I've put together your FAQs, so that the answers are all in once place 😊... Continue Reading →

Learning a language with native speakers

There's no better way to learn a language than from the locals themselves. As someone who has lived in two different countries to improve their languages skills, I've found different locals tend to have different approaches towards your language efforts.. Here's a few of the personalities I've come across: The Understanding Local Us foreign language learners... Continue Reading →

Struggling with German in Frankfurt

I definitely had an advantage when I moved to Germany. In hindsight being able to speak German before I got here was actually a huge advantage and I wasn't quite aware of how much my German language skills contributed to the ease of settling in in Frankfurt. Yes, there were times when I needed to look... Continue Reading →

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