Me, Myself & an Aeroplane

I have done a fair amount of solo journeys, especially since moving abroad; within Germany, around Europe and also heading out to Asia. This much travelling means that I pack my suitcase on autopilot and that I have perfected the ‘must haves’ list for my journeys:
– Downloaded series on Netflix?
– Head phones?
– Travel pillow?

The best part about the journey to meet friends abroad (from both Germany and England) is the Vorfreude – the excitement that builds up as I get closer and closer to the destination. Now that I don’t see my friends from home very often, the time spent together becomes ever more valuable and exciting. However earlier this year I didn’t only have a solo journey, but decided to have my first solo holiday.

I headed to Athens and can sum up the weekend in just one word: therapeutic

Spending time alone is great but spending time alone on holiday is even better, and it’s important to remember and also learn, that there’s a big difference between being alone and being lonely. I spent a lot of time with my thoughts and noticing the little things around me, and still did everything that I would usually do with friends. I also ensured not to jump at the chance of using wifi as this pretty much defies the whole point.  The only annoying thing was not being able to leave my bag at the restaurant table if I needed to go to the toilet –ha ha!

I ate a lot of Greek salad, took a walking tour and watched the sunset from Filoppos Hill. I had so much time to write; page after page of thinking, planning and reflecting. I love writing so I was in my element, and can’t recommend keeping a diary enough!

Lunch for one
The Acropolis
The remains of Zeus’s temple
Odeon of Herodes Atticus theatre
Greek flag
My favourite spot in Athens

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Sunset from Filoppos Hill

Athens was lovely and I am so glad to have finally ticked ‘solo holiday’ off of my list. Doing exactly what I want in my own time and at my own pace whilst learning a bit about Ancient Greek history and enjoying the good weather was delightful. I am already looking forward to the next one.. perhaps Copenhagen?


8 thoughts on “Me, Myself & an Aeroplane

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  1. Well done Alisa
    Sooooo proud of you doing your own thing!
    Looks like you had an amazing time – I don’t think I could travel abroad on my own so good on you 😃
    Love aunt Sandra xxx

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  2. Wow, this is wonderful Alisa! What an amazing thing to do! I think there’s a bit of a stigma around people doing things on their own, but why should there be!? Being happy with your own company is so important, plus you were able to do exactly what you wanted, at a pace you wanted…love it!

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  3. Such a great piece of writing, Alisa!!! I love reading your words. They are so natural and beautiful. I can feel your feelings and your thoughts flow through your “pen” to the webpage. So enriching and delighting~ The pictures are beautiful too! Hahaha…now I want to Athens as well~

    Looking forward to your next article! 🙂

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  4. Well done Alisa on your brave move to go solo!
    Travelling solo is occasionally preferable in lots of ways to going with a bunch of people you already know. I have travelled on my own in Italy and also once Devon.
    I can’t recommend travelling solo in the long-term, mainly because of single person supplements, and oh missing exchanging some comment or gasps when you see something amazing.

    I had all the usual doubts about loneliness, vulnerability etc but I weighed up the pros and cons as I perceived them, there were infinitely more pros to the solo experience.

    When I trekked in Devon, apart from occasional few hours where you don’t meet anyone, I was never really alone on the road. There was always someone to talk to in a hotel, bar, on the road and I found that being alone forces me to come out of my shell and be bold about approaching new people.
    Just think about all the friends out there that you havent met yet? Who might be part of your future life! How exciting! I am so proud of you Alisa.

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    1. Hey,
      Thanks for reading 🙂
      It’s very true, being on your own forces you to make the extra effort and get out of your comfort zone.
      I agree that there’s nothing like sharing an incredible moment with a friend and then having that memory between you for life, these are some of the best moments. It’s good to have some time to really think and appreciate everything around you, and doing this on your own is much easier than if you are with a group of people. Yep, so many people to meet in so many different countries – can’t wait!
      Thank you sooooo much!!
      Alisa x


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