Ibiza, Munich & a miscommunication

Other than a few miscommunications, I have been enjoying every minute of the long evenings and good weather. Summer is in full flow and here’s what I’ve been up to:


I had finished packing, cleaned my room, showered and put my PJs on, went to set my alarm, and oh… there was no more than 45 minutes before I needed to head to the airport. Looks like I wouldn’t be sleeping after all! Where the hell did the time go? Ah well, I was only about to sleep for the whole of 25 hours over the next 5 days, nothing to worry about, and let’s face it, I was too excited anyway!
Touch down! I had landed in Ibiza with just a few hours to wait until the girls arrived from London. The reunion was… excitable, yep, I’m gonna go with excitable, and we definitely made the most of our time together.

I have done my fair share of partying; good music and a good crowd is all I need. Ibiza however, is the Creme de la Creme of all festivals, boat parties, day parties and nights out that I have been on. The Elrow opening party was wicked, exceeding my expectations, it was better than anything I’ve seen before. Surrounded by acrobats, inflatables, dancers and actors, I felt as though I was part of a show. Take a look for yourself:

IMG_8599 (1)FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3)

Ibiza was amazing, and although it is ridiculously expensive, I was determined to go before I reached 30. Don’t ask why 30… I think I just meant “soon” – ha! It was worth every penny!

A medical miscommunication

First of all, ‘long live the NHS!’  I thought student loan was bad, but paying health insurance every month is just not the one. I even ended up paying for a prescription, and until this day, I do not know what the medicine is. Mainly because I haven’t bothered to look it up, but also because when I got fed up of explaining my numerous allergies to the doctor in German, I stopped concentrating and nodded my head at the last thing that she said, whatever that was. Would I recommend this? No, but I was tired, and if you had as many allergies as I do then I’m sure your mind would have wondered too. Anyway, there’s no doubt that this little bottle of liquid will eventually come in use when my nose is so blocked that I can’t sleep, or my eyes are bright red after hours of itching!


Remember how magical Munich was in January? I was amazed by how different in looks in the summer. Instead of ice hockey and chai lattes, there was bike riding and picnicking. I went back to the exact same spots in the Englischer Garten (English garden park) to (try) to take the exact same photos. Look at the difference:

I also headed to the Neue Pinakothek museum, which was the first museum in the world to be dedicated to contemporary art when it opened in 1853.

The most striking painting that I came across is the S.Maria Della Dalute (1904) by Paul Signac, who helped develop the Pointillist painting style during the 19th century impressionism movement. The photos don’t do it justice but look how pretty it is!

FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (4)

I also saw a few Vincent Van Gough classics…

…and even this one by Franz von Stuck, who I mentioned in my Battle of the Sexes post. It’s no surprise that his painting is of Eve; nude, covered in dark shadow, with a phallic snake wrapped around her. Yes Stuck, we know you think that women are evil seducers, you even called it ‘The Sin’.


There’s not long left of the summer but I am hoping September will be a hot one! An extra few weeks of relaxing in the park, BBQ’ing and not having to carry a heavy coat would be lovely. I hope you’re having a good summer too!

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  1. Another great blog Alisa, thanks for sharing your recent adventure with us. I particularly like the Munich comparisons, so cool! And I’m glad you enjoyed Ibiza…of course you were going to!

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