Ibiza, Munich & a miscommunication

Other than a few miscommunications, I have been enjoying every minute of the long evenings and good weather. Summer is in full flow and here's what I've been up to: Ibiza I had finished packing, cleaned my room, showered and put my PJs on, went to set my alarm, and oh… there was no more... Continue Reading →

Restricted by Words – Magritte

It was confusing. Trying to work out what the painting actually meant and what the artist was actually trying to portray. And then I realised that this was the point of the Margritte exhibition. Stop letting your mind be limited by what something should be. René Magritte, Belgium's famous surrealist artist, used art to raise awareness of... Continue Reading →

Women: New Portraits

Who is your most inspiring female role model? How many times have you given a quick bit of advice and not realised that you've inspired someone for the rest of their life? In her most recent exhibition "Women: New Portraits", Annie Leibovitz photographs women of outstanding achievement, reflecting the recent changes in the role of women today. Originally... Continue Reading →

Taste of London 2016

I managed to get these tickets as a last minute freebie and my sister was lucky enough to be home for the weekend. Taste of London, here we come! Oh wait, what actually is Taste of London? After a quick Google search I was excited for a festival of food, drink and entertainment right in the heart... Continue Reading →

Undressed @ The V&A

It was the fuschia pink corset that caught my attention as I scrolled through my emails. 'Undressed' at the V&A- I had to go. So I set off one sunny Saturday morning to see 'A Brief History of Underwear' for an exciting insight of undergarments ranging from the 18th Century until today. Underwear is far more than... Continue Reading →

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