A Day in Hue

Day 10

We enjoyed the motorbikes so much that we took up the offer from Mr T and his team to take us to the temples and sights of Hue. We were only there for one day and this was the quickest and cheapest way to get around – a no brainer after yesterday’s tour! I would strongly suggest taking up this offer as it is great to have the guides. Mr T talked us through a lot of background and history of each place we visited, he had become my new friend 🙂 

Thuan Nguyen (Mr T)
Tel: 0084 905512065
Email: tnhamhoc3443@gmail.com

Rice Museum
We were back on the bikes on Saturday morning, ready to see more of Vietnam. We had an interesting drive through a former rice village. Mr T ensured that we saw some real parts of every day life in Vietnam, which I absolutely loved! We saw families sitting outside eating rice and meat at small plastic tables and chairs. Mr T told me that Vietnamese people eat rice with every meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rice is a very important part of their society and culture, Mr T used to be a rice farmer himself.
In the rice museum an elderly lady with a glorious smile demonstrated how rice is farmed. She sang loudly and looked so content with teaching us about her culture. Mr T talked us through the process. We saw the rice go from being shelled to becoming flour – so fascinating!

The lady’s wonderful smile shone as she taught us how to catch fish. This was so enriching but I did feel a bit silly as I really don’t know much about basic food production, given that I eat food every day of my life. The lady explained why the rice fields need to be close to the river and we used their hand made equipment to push the river water into the rice field!



Khai Dinh Tomb
We then went on to Khai Dinh Tomb, which we were given so much information about. This tomb is huge, I couldn’t believe that the entire thing was made for one person. There was so much detail and precision put into every aspect of the tomb.

Tomb notes


Minh Mang Tomb
This was the second tomb we visited, which was still amazing but not as glamorous as the first one. It took 3 years to build, compared to 11 years for the Khai Dinh Tomb.

Topnb notes



Imperial City
Our final stop during our tour of Hue was the Imperial City. There was so much history to be seen. We were a bit pushed for time so didn’t spend too long here, but there is a lot to see.

We were sad to say goodbye to Mr T and his team as they really brought a lot to our trip. We were left with fantastic memories, new learnings and knowledge to carry in to our futures.

Thanks again Mr T!

Thuan Nguyen (Mr T)
Tel: 0084 905512065
Email: tnhamhoc3443@gmail.com



Stop and Go Restaurant
Next for some food before catching our next bus! A great place with a traveller’s vibe. There was a wide range of food available and my phone needed some juice, so they let me plug it in behind the bar. Now for the 19 hour bus journey!


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