Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

An improvised theatrical performance with only 8 cast members, 2 musicians, simple props and a white board with a few scribbles on – this outstanding performance has made me want to go again. The interaction was great as the audience gave the cast suggestions setting the plot of the play using audience cheers and woos as a guidance for what they would go with.
‘How is that practical?’ ‘Surely it won’t work?’ These were my worries too as I booked a ticket for what seemed like a ‘could go wrong at any moment’ production. But my pre-judgements were quickly forgotten as I sat there in awe at how well the cast kept the performance in full flow.
I was so impressed by the creativity of new scenes whilst remaining in sync and keeping the audience entertained. This multi- award winning musical is amazing beyond belief, I was continuously laughing and couldn’t wait to see how they would make our plot suggestions come to life. With no performance ever being the same Showstopper! can never fail to entertain. It’s on for a limited season only, so get your tickets quick!


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