Frankfurt: a convenient city

No long commutes and no overcrowding are the two main things I love about living in Frankfurt. Life here is a bit slower than in my home city London, which does of course has many specialities, but I love I no longer feeling like a sardine when I walk around the city and I never have to travel more than around 30 minutes within Frankfurt.

A friend from Frankfurt, who I actually met in London and still lives there now, came to visit me just a few weeks ago. Even she was surprised to be greeted by the convenience of small but vibrant Frankfurt. It’s crazy how you become accustomed to dedicating two hours of your day to the commute. She was able to catch up with numerous friends within a short amount of time and get to the airport in just 15 minutes of arriving at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (main station).

Frankfurt is often knocked when it comes to German cities, and honestly, I do understand why it’s not the #1 tourist location. Frankfurt may not be as quirky as Berlin or offer the Bayern experience, as does Munich, but for the perfect balance of city life and a high standard of living that doesn’t break the bank, I’d say Frankfurt comes in first place.

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