I miss Frankfurt, even though I live here

When taking the opportunity to spring clean during the start of the first lockdown, I hadn’t considered that one year later we’d still be in a similar situation. It’s crazy to think that next month I’ll be back to wiping down my cupboards and cleaning the windows whilst letting the spring breeze drift through the apartment.

Whilst an immaculate home is satisfying, spring-cleaning wouldn’t be at the top of my ‘fun things to do’ list. When I think about what I’d rather be doing, a few things come to mind: Drinks at Main Café, eating out on Oederweg or picnicking at Lohrpark. I moved abroad to explore and discover. And when I ended up in Frankfurt, I came to love the convenience and good quality of life that this city offers. It’s so easy to get around, see new places and meet people from all over the world. I miss that.

You may already know that there were times when I struggled with Frankfurt whilst settling in, but then as soon as I started to really explore and discover this city’s hidden gems, I began to see Frankfurt from a different perspective, and fell in love with it for what it really is!

As the mornings get brighter and the evenings become lighter, I guess I am feeling a sense of nostalgia for what once was and “Vorfreude” for what I am hoping will soon be. I feel so close to, yet so far from what living in Frankfurt really means to me. Lockdowns haven’t been easy for any of us, but I am hoping that in just a few weeks, we really will get the go-ahead that it’s ok to live a little normally. As always, whilst I’m out and about, I’ll be sure to add my recommendations to the ‘Frankfurt’ section of my blog. Until then, #stayhome when possible, the end is in sight!

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  1. Your article and blog gives me hope! I moved from London to Frankfurt a few months before lockdown. Didn’t manage to see much of the city and haven’t met many people here…I have often questioned my decision of moving to this place!
    Great to read that you settled in well and that you loved living here at some point. Let’s hope spring will offer you and o all of us the change to do fun things again and meet new people. And I’ll add Lohrpark and Oederweg on my fun things to do list 😊

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    1. Hey Monica, thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate your feedback! I can only imagine that it’s difficult to move abroad at a time like this. Although there won’t be any street festivals etc over the summer, spring is nearly here which means that exploring will be more enjoyable as there are some really nice outdoor places in Frankfurt and the surrounding areas. And yes, definitely go to Lohrpark and eat out on Oederweg! 😊


  2. So well put. This really resonated with me and I, like you, miss “my” Frankfurt. Still, today the sun is shining and my little dog who we will sadly have to put down soon seems to have enough energy for a walk so Nidda Park here we come. One foot in front of the other . . . we will get through this.

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