5 ways to make the most of your limited time abroad

Time flies when you’re having fun and whilst being abroad, I feel like it goes even quicker. Here’s how to make the most of living in another country so you don’t to look back on what you wish you had done whilst you were out there:

  1. Make a bucket list
    Whether you do it before you get there or when you first arrive, it’s great to have some idea of what your new home will have to offer. Creating a living abroad bucket list is a good way to get started with things you would like to do. It’s so easy to become super busy and keep saying that you’ll eventually go to that restaurant or definitely go for a coffee in that cafe. Make sure you go!
  2. Travel by foot
    It’s easy to jump on the train or catch a bus, but this often prevents us from actually familiarising ourselves with the area we live in. Spend your first couple of weeks walking (or cycling) around as much as possible, even if you do get a bit lost!
  3. Get to know the locals
    The best way to have a true understanding of a city and its culture is to get to know its people. Make an effort to engage in conversation with the locals whether it be people who could potentially become your friends, fellow colleagues or restaurant staff.
  4. Travel local
    Work out how close you are to surrounding areas. Frankfurt for example, is only a 3-hour drive to Strasbourg, France and being located in the centre of Germany, it’s easy to get to other cities including Heidelberg, Cologne, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg.
  5. Download a language app
    Having a language app can make a huge difference to everyday life. Whether it’s reading a menu in a restaurant, trying to work out if your train is delayed or just wanting to have the basics, having an entire vocabulary to hand can save many difficult situations whilst you’re out and about.

The above can be applied even if you’re indefinitely living abroad but if your time abroad is limited, then you’ll want to make the most of it. I’m sure it will be amazing!




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