Sharing your life abroad with friends from home

There’s something special about friends coming to visit you abroad. Catching up in ‘real life’, rather than through a screen, becomes ever-more appreciated and I love being able to share snippets of my (not so new) life in another city.

As well as the hours on end of talking, when my visitor first arrives, and remembering all the things that we haven’t yet spoken about, when they’re here, my friends get to see what my life in Frankfurt is really like. I can point out my favourite restaurants and cafes, or even better – we can go together. They can see my home with their own eyes, rather through a screen. And if they’re up for it, we can even even go for a run together, just as we would back home, and I’ll show them my route along the river.


Having visitors allows me to connect aspects of my life back home with aspects of my life abroad. And for lack of better words, it makes it more real, more relatable, and I guess easier for my friends and family to understand.

But as much as my friends are on holiday whilst they’re here, it’s the spending time together which is most important. Once the novelty of the new location wears off and we’ve got all of the touristy bits out the way, it’s always nice to spend an evening in – cooking or watching a film. I sometimes venture to a new location nearby, giving us both the chance to try out something different. Do you also get that holiday feeling when you have visitors and the weather is nice?

I know that a one hour flight is often a six hour door-to-door journey and everything does of course come at a cost. But the quality time is priceless and I couldn’t be more grateful for the visits from home.

Whilst ‘home’ can now be London or Frankfurt, it’s the people who really make a difference, and there’s nothing that leaves a bigger smile on my face than being able to combine the two.

Can’t wait for next time!

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