Things to do in Frankfurt in the winter

The second half of winter is usually pretty quiet and if you’re anything like me you’ll almost hibernate until it finally begins to get warm again. But as much as I love being at home, I just can’t stay indoors all the time. So here’s 5 things to do in Frankfurt in the winter:

1. Schirn

The Schirn museum has held my favourite exhibitions in Frankfurt. From to Battle of the Sexes to Basquiat, I always leave having learnt something new and telling others to go see it for themselves. It’s right by Römer so you could stop for some traditional German food after you’ve been.

2. Bouldering

Not tried it before? Or maybe you just fancy it again? Bouldering is a fun indoor activity and a great way to stay active, socialise and keep warm in the winter. Just  prepare for achy arms the next day!

3. Pottery painting and throwing

You can head to Coloria to paint pottery for just a couple of hours, enjoy a weekend course, or if you’re really committed then you can even join a 12 week course. I’d not done pottery painting for years so and it was the perfect place to go when a friend visited on a rainy weekend. They’re even open on Sundays- bonus!


4. Dialog in the dark

An exhibition in the pitch dark, lead by blind and partially sighted tour guides. You’re taken on a ‘tour of Frankfurt’ and even go for a drink! You’ll be surprised how quickly you trust those around you and how much your other senses heighten. You can read about when I went here.

5. Theatre Language Studio

TLS is a an English language production company based in Frankfurt. I went there to watch an improvised play and it was hilarious! A lot of their shows are free and the also run classes and workshops. Perfect for a Saturday evening or even some comedy after work.

Enjoy the above and let me know if there’s anything else worth trying 🙂

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