The Blind Leading The Blind; Dialog In The Dark

A quick talk and a guide stick were all we were equipped with after writing our names in braille, ready to be thrown into the world of the blind. I’m not scared of the dark and never was as a child, but this experience is a lot more than finding your way to the bathroom during the early hours of a winter morning.

Losing one of your five senses, the Dialog museum’s tour In The Dark, opens your eyes to a world of no sight, allowing you to put an enormous amount of trust in people have you only known for minutes.

Following only the sound of the guide’s voice, I glued myself to the wall, holding the rail tightly and taking only pigeon steps as I trailed behind the group and my sister came to the back to bring up the rear. She always was the dare devil of the two of us, but come on, I couldn’t see a bloody thing!

Now, this may seem unrealistic and  I have no idea what the actual set up is, but it’s amazing how creative your imagination becomes as soon as you lose your sight. We were guided across a rickety bridge, and I could hear the water trickling beneath us as we swayed from side to side. I was genuinely imagining one of those dramatic ‘Save me!’ scenes as I tried my hardest to walk slow and steady to the other side without falling off.

We listened to music, walked through the city and even sat down for a drink in a pitch-black bar. Never had I considered feeling the shape of notes and coins to differentiate between the different amounts.

I don’t want to ruin it, as I really do suggest you experience it for yourself, but for me, it wasn’t the different places we had to feel our way around that amazed me, more so how quickly a group of strangers came to bond, connect and trust so quickly.

If you’re ever in any of these cities, try to visit an In The Dark tour, it gives you a view from a different perspective!

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  1. Alize I love your blog! When I’m reading it I can actually hear it in your voice lol! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself! Make sure you write more!

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