Home for the weekend

Touching base

I have never felt so excited to see London. Descending into Heathrow airport over the Thames, I saw Tower Bridge and The o2 Arena. I felt a smile spread across my face and a rush of excitement shoot through my body. I was back!
Seven months is the longest I have been away from home and there was nothing better than being squeezed with love and excitement as I came through the door. I was knackered and pretty much went straight to bed, but as the weekend went on I began to notice the small things that had changed. It’s weird, I’m back in the same home but little things are different; my bedroom is now the guest room and I had to think about silly things, like where the chopping boards kept!


Since leaving the UK, there are some friends I see regularly as we travel together, there are some friends who I saw over Christmas and there are some friends I haven’t seen at all. Meeting up with everyone over one weekend was emotional and positively overwhelming. I was in such high spirits to physically be around my oldest and closest friends and family again. It’s pretty special to see how much effort everyone put into the weekend, especially as I know that me returning doesn’t mean that everyone else’s lives stop. We hung out, partied and ate good food, and there really is nothing better than knowing that after such a long time, your friendships haven’t changed at all.

Heading home from home

I am actually feeling a bit concerned about homesickness when I return to Germany. It’s a similar feeling to what I had before I first moved away. I won’t see everyone for months now and although the weather has been crap this weekend, I will be returning in the thick of winter- I don’t like winter. But as usual, I have a lot to look forward to over the next few months, and I didn’t feel homesick when I first left, so I am sure I will be fine this time too.


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