Rome, Procida and Naples

I visited a friend living in Rome, who was recommended to visit Procida island by some locals. If you want both city and sea, visiting Procida after exploring Rome’s glorious history is the perfect way to cool off. You can even stop in Naples as part of the trip, which I’d definitely say is worth it!

I’ll post just a few photos, as I don’t want to give it all away before you see visit for yourself. So here are a some tips and pics, for your next trip to Italy. Enjoy every minute 😃


Rich in history, Rome is a relatively small city located in central Italy. You can easily visit the main sites in two or three days, whilst giving yourself time to stop off for some Italian aperitivo.

Restaurant recommendation:
Taverna Agàpe (near Piazza Novona)

The Colosseum, Rome
Truffle Spaghetti at Taverna Agàpe

Procida Island

This hidden treasure isn’t as touristy as some of the other Italian islands, and is perfect for three or four days of chill time. Procida island has plenty of greenery and you’ll never be far from the beach.

Things to do in Procida:

Hire e-bikes

Hiring e-bikes is the best way to explore this beautiful little island, catch all the main viewing points, and see the intricate details of the colourful buildings.

I hired an e-bike from General Rental, where the staff was super friendly, and more than happy to help with recommendations and reservations.

Cycling around Solchiaro neighbourhood in Prodica
View over Procida
Narrow streets of Procida

Watch the sunset from the beach

We arrived half an hour early to our dinner reservation at Vivara restaurant, which left us just enough time for a spontaneous dip whilst the sun set, before sitting down to eat.

Sunset swim
View from Vivara restaurant

Boat ride

We found our boat ride on We enjoyed swimming in the sea and having an aperitivo of homemade wine, olives, cheese and pizza, whilst watching the sky slowly turn pink as the sun set for the evening.

Heading off for the sunset
Sunset aperitivo


I spent half a day in Naples after getting the ferry from Procida and before catching the train back to Rome. Six/ seven hours was just enough time for a walking tour with Gerry and a delicious Napoleon pizza. Naples is full of interesting history (and great food) that is certainly worth learning about.

I’ll start by giving you Gerry’s contact details:
Whatsapp: +39 328 315 8053
Instagram: @thepersonaltraveller

He was humorous, full of knowledge and gave his own perspectives and insights on Naples. Gerry also tailored the tour to our preferences, which was perfect! Just drop him a message on WhatsApp and let him know when you’ll arrive.

Again, I won’t post too many photos, but here’s a glimpse of Naples through my camera before you get to see this wonderful city withy our own eyes.

Naples has more churches than children!
The BEST ice cream from Casa Infante – melting super quickly!
Aperol Spritz to go, with Gerry
First public university in the west: Frederico II, 1251
Spanish Quarter
Babá – a must try!

If you’re going to Naples, you’ll also need to try pizza, as this is where the first pizzas in the world were made!

Ready to enjoy some Neapolitan pizza!

I was so tired in this last pic that I was practically holding my head up – haha! After a relaxing but adventurous few days and a delightful Neapolitan pizza, we headed back to Rome where I spent one more day before flying home to Frankfurt.

Admin Tips

Because this sort of thing is always important…

Have the best time – I did! Ottimo!

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