Jacobiweiher Pond in Frankfurt’s City Forest

The pictures don’t do it justice, so definitely visit Jacobweiher Pond when the weather’s nice. Its refreshing greenery and still water, are picturesque for a quiet walk in the nature.

Jacobiweiher Pond is located in Frankfurt’s Stadtwald (city forest), I stumbled across this beautiful pond when taking a walk with a friend, and then remembered that I actually went there during the first few days that I arrived in Frankfurt!

I’ll share a few tips on how to get there as it’s easy to reach by car or public transport.

Jacobiweiher Pond
Stadtwald (city forest)

How to get to Jacobiweiher Pond?

However you choose to get there, I’d recommend pinning the pond on Google Maps before you make your way 🙂


If arriving by car, you can park in the small car park just outside of the Stadtwald (Bischofsweg, 60598 Frankfurt am Main) and walk through the city forest until you arrive at the stunning view of the water.


You can take the 17 tram from Hauptbahnhof to Oberschweinstiege station. From there it’s a 10 minute walk to Jacobiweiher pond – simple!


The walk is about 30 minutes, but the S3 to Louisa Bahnhof is another way to reach Jacobiweiher pond.

Standing on the bridge
Jacobiweiher Pond Bridge

After crossing the bridge, and sitting down to take in the view, I would recommend exploring more of the Stadtwald’s greenery. There’s also a restaurant right by the pond, which has parking for guests. I didn’t go there myself but it’s worth knowing in case you get hungry!

Have fun exploring 🙂

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