Visiting the Black Forest in the Winter

I went Schneeschuhwandern (snow shoe hiking) in the Black Forest and it’s an experience I’ll never forget! It’s a great idea for if you want to get out of the city and see some snow but don’t quite fancy skiing. Here’s what I got up to:

Setting off at 8:30am, we drove from Frankfurt to the Black Forest, which took around 3 hours.


I was so happy to arrive at our accommodation! Zähringer Hof is a cottage style guest house, which is clean, modern and cosy. I only stayed for one night but it certainly would have been comfortable for an entire weekend. They also have their own restaurant, which had a nice atmosphere and the food was freshly made.

Zähringer Hof

Schneeschuhwandern Tour

Ursel, a Black Forest local, was our tour guide for the day.  She arrived at our accommodation with our Schneeschuhen (ski shoes) and walking poles, ready to kit us out before setting off for our 4-hour snow hike.

I’ve visited the Black Forest before but seeing this winter wonderland with a clear blue sky was just something else. We hiked for around 2 hours before stopping off at a cosy restaurant and then hiking back to our accommodation for another 45 minutes.

Ursel was a great tour guide who was very clued up on her stuff. She informed us of the history, shared personal experiences of living in the Black Forest, and even brought a liquor made from local berries for us to have a taste. Couldn’t have had a better tour guide 🙂

Of course, the Black Forest is around all year long, so if you fancy visiting the mountains during another season, Ursel does a range of tours throughout the entire year.

I do believe her tours are only in German though, so this could be a great time to practice your language skills. However, if you’d rather opt for English then you might want to check out this website that I found.


You’ll need a car to get to Zähringerhof, but if you want to go to the Black Forest by train, take a look at my other post for more info and a few ideas on things to do.

Thanks for reading, I’m already looking forward to my next trip!

The view from the balcony of the room I stayed in!

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