How to prepare for long haul flights and layovers

I’m writing this whilst sat in Toronto airport for a 6 hour lay over after an 8 hour flight from Frankfurt before getting a 3 hour flight to Havana. Sounds like this journey is taking forever but the time isn’t going too slowly so I thought I’d share how I best prepare for a 17 hour journey!

1. Bring a book/ kindle

Hardly a surprise, but if you forget your book then you’ll kick yourself. Make it the top of your list because not only can you read throughout your journey, but probably once you get to your destination too.

2. Netflix

You can download series and films on your iPhone and iPad – God send! Yes, there is usually something to watch on the plane anyway but I started watching ‘Sherlock’ (which I can recommend) during my flight and I can now continue watching it at the airport too.

By the way, you can’t download on your laptop. Luckily I tried this whilst I was still at home instead of when I got to the airport. Once you download your series/films they are only available for 48 hours, so don’t do it too far in advance!

3. Diary

Been wanting to write a diary for ages but never got round to it? This is literally the perfect time to start. Pack a notebook in your hand luggage and put pen to paper whilst you’re in the air!

4. Holiday planning

I prefer not to plan a trip too much, rather have a rough plan that can be changed if necessary. But sitting in the airport for 6+ hours is a pretty sweet time to look into things to do whilst you’re out there.

5. Travel pillow

This is my travel essential! Luckily I can fall asleep just about anywhere but a travel pillow makes an uncomfortable upright aeroplane sleep or having to lay across three or four airport chairs to take a quick nap, SO much better! I’m actually using mine now as I write.

6. See the city!

Last but not least, if you’ve got enough time to explore the city you’ve landed in instead of hanging around in the airport for hours on end, then make the most of it and go explore 🙂

Let me know if there’s anything else you can think of. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up in an airport as nice as Toronto, where they have iPads for everyone to use and the staff are really friendly. Safe trip!

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  1. Hi Alisa, your blog article gave me some really good ideas on how to prepare for my next long haul flight! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas 🙂

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