Friendships that change

Reading Metropolife’s post on friendships and relationships with a due date, left one person at the front of my mind and a lot of reflection on a friendship that developed so quickly yet changed so fast.

I smiled when I got that “Sollen wir dann morgen frühstücken gehen?” Shall we go for breakfast tomorrow? text from a girl I randomly met at a party after not long being in Frankfurt. Not everyone needed or wanted to make new friends, so I really appreciated it when people made an effort.
Anyway, you know when you just click with someone?  Yep, that was us! Breakfast that Sunday lead to hours of phone calls, help when you just need someone around and girly nights in when you can’t be bothered to go out and can just be honest about it. It was good. Really good. And we had so many things in common: music, a love for Berlin, sushi, travel, and oh yes, she wanted to move to a new city too.

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking then you already know that this wasn’t going to last for much longer.  I had clicked with someone so quickly and there was already a time limit on our friendship.

My heart sank when she told me that she would possibly move to another continent. I mean, yes, I was so proud of her for having the drive to go, but I was so sad to be losing my friend to another time zone.

This actually softened the blow when she landed an amazing job in Europe, but nevertheless, our friendship was about to change. However against my expectations, a lot more came from the change in our friendship than I had ever imagined.  Although we no longer live just 15 minutes away from each other, we are both experiencing similar things during a similar period of time: The best and worst parts of starting a new job, discovering a new city, making new friends, flat hunting and having a bit more time to yourself.

We once spoke about moving away from home and she said the main problem is “du gibst immer irgendwas auf !” You always give something up! And yes, this is true, but who would have known that we’d also grow to have so much more in common.

Miss you

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