Do you dream in German?

To answer simply – yes. But what I actually find interesting is how I dream in German.

I work in a bilingual environment, meaning there are some words that I only really use in German and others that I only really use in English, depending on what I am speaking about. Sometimes I even have to think twice when using the words that I usually say in German, in English. Not because I have forgotten them, of course, but because I don’t associate the English word with the subject at hand.

And this is exactly what happens when I dream in German. For example, I once dreamt that I was with a group of friends, some English and some German. Throughout the dream I would smoothly switch between languages, depending on who I was talking to, with no problem at all. The strange thing is, this actually doesn’t go so smoothly in reality. When switching between languages during a conversation, my sentences turn into a weird mixture of English and German, usually followed by laughter and a “You know what I mean!” or “Du weisst was ich meine!”

So yes, I do dream in German, but so far, only when talking or thinking about things that I associate with the language itself. Perhaps my excellent ability to switch between German and English whilst dreaming shows that my skills are developing quicker than I thought. Or maybe it shows that smoothly switching between languages isn’t just on my mind during daily conversations but rather my sub-conscience too.

What do you think?


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  1. Well.. I do understand what you mean! Currently I work in the bilingual environment – Italian and English, but of course my mother tongue is Polish, so you possiblu can imagine what a mess is in my head. Depending on the topic if I have to reply to someone very quickly, I will use one of those three languages or just say something in one of them but with Polish or my English accent. Sounds ridicolous and straight after saying something like that I am accompanied by the laughter of my colleagues or friends, but come on… it is too much haha! Funny thing is that I currently dream only in English. Even if I dream about my Polish friends, family or simply Poland. I don’t know why is that, but also when I am thinking or talking to myself I catch myself with English pretty often. Probably because I don’t use Polish that often, but on the other hand, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I am forgetting my origins! I love my language and I am trying to teach my co-workers some words! I can feel a bit more like home as well in the end 😉
    Really great topic! so… Sweet Denglish dreams! 😉

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    1. Hey! I’m glad you can related to this jumble of languages and words followed by laughter haha! So interesting that you dream of your Polish friends and family in English. That’s crazy! Nice that you are teaching people Polish 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the read!


  2. Oh wow, love the thinking and the prose. Great insight, as with all your blogs. Looking forward to the next one, wondering what the subject will be ….. oh and, can I guess from the supporting picture! X

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