Moving from London to Frankfurt

“Why would someone leave London for Frankfurt?” Is what you may be thinking. Truth is, it was more than just the city that brought me here, but although there are a few things I wish I could have brought with me, I just can’t justify moving back to London right now. Here’s why:

Small fish in a big pond

You don’t realise how big London is until you leave. Not that that’s a bad thing but in London it’s pretty much the norm to travel for an hour (or more) just to get from A to B. I didn’t think it was a big deal either, but now that I rarely travel any longer than 30 minutes to get around, I have come to value my time so much more! More time for me, more time for exercise, socialising and personal projects, and there’s even time to do a few things before work if you can get yourself out of bed!

Trains and tubes
Frankfurt’s public transport system is more reliable and significantly cheaper than what TFL are charging.* Yes, there are sometimes delays (not everything can be perfect) but the chances are you’ll have a seat and someone won’t be making themselves comfortable in your personal space whilst trying to get home from work. The London Underground system is amazing, but wouldn’t it be great if the wifi was more reliable? Luckily, Frankfurt’s equivalent (U-bahn) doesn’t quite go as far underground, which means you can still get an internet connection.

As in any major city, the flat hunt is rarely simple. I am quite fussy though and had a lot of boxes to tick, which is probably why mine took longer than yours would, but there are plenty of websites and Facebook pages so you can get your flat hunt started. I live a 4 minute U-Bahn journey away from the city centre and pay at least half of what I would pay for a similar location in London.*

Making friends
Frankfurt is Germany’s most international city and it’s full of expats! There are plenty of people who either are or have been newbies who are trying to find their feet. People are generally open-minded and very welcoming. Being in a small city (from someone who comes from London) it’s quick and easy to get from one place to another and you’d be surprised how quickly you click with others based on your relocation experience alone.**

But I’ve never heard anything amazing about Frankfurt
Neither had I πŸ™‚ But despite the rumours, Frankfurt has been ranked #7 for quality of life worldwide for the second year in a row*** and I can definitely see why: Amongst other things, Frankfurt offers an extremely good standard of living and owns Germany’s only skyline. But even though we get approximately 100 more days of sunshine than London per year, if do you fancy heading home for a weekend, you can catch a flight every hour!

See you around!


*For more on prices and the nitty gritty visit Frankfurt’s most popular expat blog.
** InternationsΒ has a popular expat community in Frankfurt.
*** Business Insider quality of life ranking.
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11 thoughts on “Moving from London to Frankfurt

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  1. The problem is that a decade ago Frankfurt was like New York of yesteryear. Over run with the homeless, druggies and generally very dumpy. What people don’t realize is that it has dramatically changed for the better. Secondly while there are still areas that are pretty scumy the area surrounding Frankfurt is just gorgeous. 1000’s of acres of woodlands and hiking trails. If you want to know the future just read what Amazon did to Seattle USA. While the growth was good it came at a cost.

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  2. Secondly while most Germans scoff at this, Frankfurt will replace Munich as Germany’s most expensive city within 10 years. For investors like me it’s a huge win, for renters it’s gonna be painful. It’s not just due to Brexit but also Germany is under going a generational shift from renter to owners. People want to own and it will have a massive long term impact on prices. Now is the time to buy while prices are cheap.

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  3. Frankfurt is actually my hometown (though I have lived in the US forever) so I’m rather partial to it. Thank you for swinging by the Ranch and for the follow; we πŸ’– visitors, especially those who are lucky enough to live where I’d give just about anything to be able to go back to permanently.

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