5 things to do along the River Main

If there's one thing you can't miss in Frankfurt, it's the rippling water that skips along the body of the River Main, hence the name Frankfurt am Main. It's the longest river that is located entirely in Germany and is a great place for locals and tourists to enjoy their spare time. If you fancy... Continue Reading →

The Immigrant; Guest Review

It goes without saying that confidence in the British political system is probably at an all-time low, so this play, exploring what life would be like if Africa was the most powerful continent in the world, could not have been performed at a more suitable time. This performance marked the finale of Africa Writes, a... Continue Reading →

Blue Oranges and Room Full of Feud

“Oh my God, this is the set!” “Eurgh, it stinks of bleach.” “Look at the whiteboard, this must be where they do the psychiatric meetings.” Walking beneath the Young Vic stage, through the consultancy room, there were oranges all over the floor, the ash tray was full of cigarettes and the whiteboard was covered in... Continue Reading →

Our Spontaneous Saturday with Shakespeare

“Yes please!” Kirsty and I said simultaneously with huge grins plastered across our faces. Sat on London South Bank for some lunch, we were approached by 2 tourists who won 4 tickets to A Midsummer Night’s Dream and had a pair to give away. We couldn't believe our luck, it was only a few days ago that we... Continue Reading →

Not the best ‘Flick’ @ The National

Matthew Maher and Jaygann Ayeh in 'The Flick'. Photo by Mark Douet ‘The Flick’ was a sell-out and my expectations were high. I did a bit of research and was excited for humour, heartbreak and a few home truths explored through the lives of three underpaid employees at a run-down cinema screen in Massachusetts. It was... Continue Reading →

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